27 Ways to Use Your Creative Talents in Church

God is so creative and we are made in His image!  Here are some ideas for using your creative talents for Him.  This list is short – there are so many more ways to express our love of Him and His love for His people.

Audio Visual
1. Project images that reinforce the Pastor’s message.
2. Create short documentaries showing God at work in your community.
3. Generate scenery behind the words in your song service that parallels what you’re singing.

Worship Dance

1. Create a vessel that could be used during communion.
2. Spontaneously work the clay to create during traditional worship service.

1. Let all the worship elements be of cuisine and conversation. You could tell a Bible story with the artists being the chefs.
2. Bake the bread used for communion.

Dance and Mime
1. Give a prophetic word through movement.
2. Present scripture through movement.
3. Use your flags, cloths, etc. to pray/intercede over people.

1. During your devotion time, ask God to speak to you and you paint/draw what He says.
2. During traditional service (i.e., Sunday mornings), set up your easel and paints and paint what God is doing in that service, abstract or literal; or paint/draw what is happening in the service as you see it.
3. Ask your Pastor what that week’s sermon theme is and have art available at the altar or along the walls for everyone to view that relates to the theme.
4. Paint/Draw prophetic messages in the form of images to congregation members.Painting and Drawing - Creative Talents 5. Paint on silk prophetic images that can be used during a dance.

1. Take pictures of our everyday world where you see God at work and display in the sanctuary or outside the sanctuary as a “Thank You, God” walk before coming into the sanctuary.
2. Take photos of beautiful landscape, put a thought-provoking question with them and display them in the worship space.

1. Make prophetic quilts.
2. Create dance-wear.
3. Sew flags and banners.
4. Create prophetic creations from fabric using symbolism.

SongSinging - Creative Talent
1. Sing the heart of God spontaneously during praise and worship.
2. Sing your prophecies.
3. Use your voice to make a certain sound that could make the sermon more real. (i.e., if the minister is saying that we are the sheep of His pasture, you could baa like a sheep).

1. Perform monologues during traditional service.
2. Perform skits.
3. Create lighting effects.

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