Be Who You Are – AWE Idea

Items to have at the station: Tomato and instructions

Many people have battled with feelings of inadequacy and insignificance.  Some of us have been taught that we have to do something to earn our worthiness or been taught that we have to all act or be the same.  The Word says,

“Let Us make man in Our own image…So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
Genesis 1:27

You ARE made in God’s image.

There are so many facets of God that we will spend eternity getting to know Him.

He already knew and already knows every single thing you’ve done and will do in your life, and yet He still thought you worthy of giving His life for.

He’s ordained you to do something important that only you are called to do.

Be Who You Are AWE Idea


Look at this tomato.  Yell at it.  Tell this tomato that he is unworthy of being a tomato.  Tell this tomato that you know he dropped off the vine way before he was supposed to – he sinned against the vine, so therefore he’s lost all tomato rights.  Tell him he is supposed to be a squash.

The tomato says back to you, “I am what I am.  I am a tomato.”

 He’s not plagued with feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness.  He sees himself as what he is.  He is very confident in the fact that God made him a tomato and a tomato he is.  He is happy only when he is doing what a tomato does.

Even if you ate that tomato – when it has run its course through your body and the seeds come out your other end – you could plant those seeds, and you’d have a tomato.

If you took that tomato and put it in a blender, added some vinegar and sugar, it is still a tomato that has only been crushed, but not defeated.  It will serve its purpose as ketchup.

You are who God made you to be.  You are an expression of God.  Celebrate your personality and your passions.  You represent a facet of God that no one else can.  Don’t apologize and wish you were someone else.  If you tried to be a different way, the world would be lacking.  Its okay if you’re not as much of a servant as someone else.  That is their calling, not yours.  Its okay if you’re not as outgoing as someone else.  Its not you!  Be who God made you to be.  You are not a squash.  You are a tomato!

You go, Tomato!

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